Recycled Art

"To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk." - Thomas A. Edison

Adderall Molecule, Made from found children’s play balls, 24"x40"x12" Adderall is 100% amphetamine. Addiction can occur within 3 months from amphetamine use. Yet, children are administered this drug for years.

Votes for Women, recycled paper, 22"x38" The original photo of an office full of working women, merely twenty years before the long struggle for the right to vote came to fruition. The office is now filled with portraits of the suffragettes who spent their lives to make it happen.
"Weaving a Common Peace" constructed of red-tape and microfilm, 6'x6'This microfilm contains the draft records of WWI American Soldiers. 

Reellita, Made from Found Objects, microfilm reels, boxes, foam, bicycle horn.

    Freda                                Vincent
Famous Artist Series, from found plastic holiday decorations.

Mask from found objects

Recycled Bin Art

School Daze

Dumpster Divers At The Globe Window

Madison Avenue Manikin

A collaboration with Gary Culp. Spiral Created on Recycled Window
from glass found at the 2009 Burning Man Festival