9/11 Peace

"It is my conviction that nothing enduring can be built on violence." - Mahatma Gandhi
"We lose our freedoms at the altar of fear." - Kahlil Gibran

During the horror that was September 11, 2001, the city cordoned off Lower Manhattan at 14th Street. The closest anyone could get to the World Trade Center site was Union Square Park, unless you lived downtown.  It was a place to pray for lost friends and family, a 24/7 surrogate mourning site.  When President Bush visited the park and mourners shouted out: "No War In My Name," he abruptly ended his speech.  Millions were drawn to this Peace Site to mourn, nourish & heal together as the people’s 9/11 Memorial.  Art, music, ritual, sacred space, prayers created and shared, filling the 3 block square park. Even amid NY sirens, street music, traffic, flashing store signs around the park, a young girl, said: "It's so peaceful here."  So many mourners praying together in peace: “Love thy poor, immigrant, Jewish, addicted, gay, Muslim, old, atheist neighbor,” and “Islam is not the enemy” and “No war in My Name”.  Now every politician claims a piece of it and it’s called Patriot’s Day by those who waged war.  Each year the need to share these messages increases.

14th St. Subway Station

NY Peace Rally Spring 2002

Union Square a year later
St. Paul's Chapel at The Site

Stenciled on street corners

Neshamany Dell Farm Memorial, Chalfont, Pa